Wowee Rhyce Shaw can coach

As a fan of Brad Scott’s coaching and of the man himself i’m now convinced that the new interim coach of North Melbourne can coach.

Welcome to North Melbourne Rhyce Shaw. Wow i’m hoping that this guy gets signed up by North as his first game produced a win over the tigers by 37 points.

I must admit i was shocked and angered at the sacking of Brad Scott midyear. There is no such thing as a mutual agreement. It’s just a sacking that has gone off smoothly. In reality i think Brad should have still been coaching. But when we found out the truth which was Brad finding out Friday before our round 10 clash against the bulldogs that his services were no longer required. Everything had to be swept under the carpet because nobody was allowed to know.

That friday night i was really annoyed at finding out via the media that something happened to Brad for the wrong reasons. It wasn’t until i was let in on what had happened by the club that i actually calmed down.

When the presser was on to do with his sacking i was still in shock but I am now relaxed a week later. It took a carefully worded email to Ben Buckley to find out what had actually happened and why it happened. I’m not too bad with it but i wouldn’t want him to do this again. I’m the sort of person who thinks that if anything people who order reviews of footy departments and coaching staff need to be looked at themselves. I also think that if you have some fruitloop in a major role that person definitely needs to fall on his own sword.

Then you look at the fickle fans and actually get on top of them on why they are being so annoying over social media. I mean i saw some disgusting comments about Brad when he was coaching the team by some absolute dickheads who think that it’s funny to abuse everyone.

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